What is WEM Stand?

WEM Stand is a compact & modular event installation that provides a spectacular appearance and effective exhibitor experience for different sized stand areas and exhibition booth designs. It is extremely quick and easy to set up or pack down and when it is not in use it takes up less than half a square meter.
kiállítási stand elrendezések
kiállítási stand elrendezések
kiállítási stand elrendezések
nagy teherbírású promóciós stand


Our foldable pop-up stand can be installed in minutes and easy to transport.


Using natural materials lets you load the stall freely while you own an environment friendly promotional tool.


Every client and occasion is different so we are thinking in custom solutions for your specific needs.
skálázható kiállítási stand berendezés


Create your complex exhibition booth design using several WEM stands and their accessories!

Simple & fast setting up

Tool-free, smooth installing of your exhibition booth design
Setting up can’t go wrong as every element is designed precisely to make the usage easy and seamless. Average installation time of WEM Stand is only 5 minutes!


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