Unique pop-up counter design
Makes you and your brand stand out!
Compact, foldable exhibition stand
Make your event preparations fast and simple!
Loadable, eco-friendly event stall
Stable & sustainable installation with our WEM Stand
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Our foldable pop-up counter can be installed in minutes and easy to transport.

Using natural materials lets you load the stall freely while you own an environment friendly promotion tool.

Every client and occasion is different so we are thinking in custom solutions for your specific needs.

Create your complex booth using several WEM stands!

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Your event presence completely in your hands

• transport your custom-made stall easily by car
• set up WEM stand yourself in only a few minutes
• outstanding appearance even at large festivals

WEM stand is a compact event furniture for various uses custom-made for your needs. The stall's 2 in 1 design provides flexibility and quality appearance in every situation.

Accessories for your needs

We offer limitless accessories like lockable storages, lighting, unique branding solutions, broaden table size & shape and so on...because we want you to show your best every time.

If you are dreaming about personalized, custom extras, you've just found your partner in crime. Contact us!

Contact us and see WEM stand for yourself.